Femtech was founded in 2016, the company is committed to the digital micrometer spatial light modulator DMD application technology research, is a specialized in digital micro mirror spatial light modulator DMD precise control, light curing, lithography, 3D printing , 3D scanning, photoelectric hybrid joint transformation of high-tech research and development, production and sales of high-tech private enterprises.

We can provide a variety of optoelectronic products customized services:

>Custom DLP optical components

>DLP optical lens design

>Custom Designs Based on Ti’s DLP? and DLP Discovery?

>DLP electronic board design

>Custom Control & Data Interfaces

>High-Speed Streaming Interface Design (PCIe)

>Custom Application FPGA Programming

>Custom Software Development including

>Illumination Optics(led)

>TIR Prisms

If you need to welcome to inquire!