Digital Exposure

Direct imaging digital exposure can be used to make printed circuit board (PCB), ball grid array (BGA), chip size package (CSP), flat panel display, real-time bar code marking, and computer direct plate printing - this printing process can be Send a pair of digital images directly from the computer to a printed board.

Compared with traditional digital exposure technology, direct imaging digital exposure has many advantages, including higher material flexibility, lower cost and faster print speed.

DLP? High-Speed ??

Digital Micromirror Devices (DMD) provide a powerful tool for direct imaging digital exposure developers who require microns to achieve rapid exposure and lower operating costs in mass production.

By using programmable light-controlled DLP technology, developers can directly expose graphics to photoresist films without touching the mask, which reduces material costs, increases productivity, and enables rapid changes in graphics, making this The technique is very suitable for situations where the minimum dimensions require two exposures.

TI highly flexible chipset architecture also provides multi-system control and connectivity options such as triggers for motor synchronization, sensors and other peripherals.

A typical system block diagram of DLP direct imaging digital exposure