F4200 0.95 1080P DMD KIT

Application platform control suite

Product overview:

Discovery F4200?is a DLP application platform control suite??designed by the Femtech for PCB exposure field. Discovery F4200 provides users with a complete set of solutions,The user can?realize data transmission and control?by high-speed real-time interface and large capacity memory ,At the same time?the Discovery F4100 support?Femtech self-developed ALP? software tool development kit,to save A lot of research and development time?for customers,and realize the rapid and listed products.

Discovery F4200 integrates TI 2xLVDS DLP kit and Xilinx Virtex 6 chip, which can maximize the performance advantage of the 2xLVDS DLP Suite.

Main features:

    • Support 0.95, 0.7, 0.55 DMD three resolution;
    • Support Gigabit Ethernet, Gigabit fiber, Gigabit fiber high-speed image transmission and display with internal and external synchronization trigger function;
    • Provide Gigabit Ethernet, PCIE card driver and dynamic link library files to facilitate the secondary development ;
    • Support XGA and 1080P resolution for single micro mirror precise control and locking;
    • Contrast over 2000:1;
    • Support Wavelength Range of 350nm-2700nm (different DMD);
    • Micro mirror lock at any time;