The basic composition of infrared simulation

Based on DMD?dynamic infrared scene simulation system consists of the following components: lighting, DMD display, collimation optical system, computer image generator CIG \ DMD drive circuit. The infrared image data is generated by the computer image generator, and the DMD device is input through the DLP digital light processing video processing circuit and the DMD driving circuit. The surface of the DMD is uniformly irradiated with the illumination light source (blackbody), and the incident radiation is modulated by the DMD reflection to generate the infrared thermal image. The generated infrared scene is projected into the entrance pupil of the measured system through the collimating optical system, so that the red spot is consistent with the true particle size and radiant energy spatial distribution on the detector in order to achieve the performance of the system under test?purpose.

Application of DLP Infrared Simulation Technology

Scene infrared simulation can be applied to infrared image analysis, battlefield environment simulation and infrared weapons testing and many other fields. The image compression technology and special coding compressed into a single pixel, and then by the infrared transmitter / receiver remote access to the image, through the decoding to get the picture.