Spectral analysis using DMD

Spectral analysis is a powerful non-contact technique that can quickly identify the composition and related properties of a substance by analyzing the absorption or reflection of light at different wavelengths throughout the spectrum.

Spectral analysis According to the spectrum of the material to identify the material and determine its chemical composition and relative content, according to the analysis of the principle of spectral analysis can be divided into two kinds of emission spectrum analysis and absorption spectroscopy. Spectral analysis can support visible light, IR or UV light UV wavelengths.

When the light source is irradiated onto the DMD array through a spectroscopic grating, the DMD micromirror can be used as a spectral filter. This DMD consists of hundreds of thousands to millions of tiny micromirror arrays. The unique architecture of the DLP DMD makes it easy to form a spectrometer structure and can use a larger single detector to replace expensive array detectors while still providing a reliable optical platform.

Why DLP technology is used for spectral analysis

All molecules have a unique response to different wavelengths of light. Spectral analysis is an analytical method that uses these unique answers to identify and describe materials. In the spectrometer design, the TI DLP Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) can be used as a programmable wavelength selector. The broadband light source passes through an optical slit. The light of each wavelength is then dispersed into the micromirror array using a diffraction grating or a prism that allows a subset of the micromirror array to be mapped to a particular wavelength. The light of a particular wavelength can then be switched to a single element detector. This powerful design architecture eliminates the need for linear array detectors or motors to produce spectral sweep over the wavelength range, enabling chemical analysis to have higher performance and smaller package sizes at lower cost.

Spectral analysis of common applications:

The Schematic Diagram of DLP Technology in Spectral Analysis